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What is ADHD?

According to the American Psychiatric Association, ADHD (with or without hyperactivity) is a neurological condition that has a genetic predisposition.  It is characterized by distractibility, impulsivity, restlessness and/or hyperactivity. These symptoms present from childhood on and with a much greater intensity than in the everyday person, so much that it interferes with everyday functioning.

Children with ADHD are very much aware of the stimuli surrounding them in the environment,  which is very distracting to them. Their brains work extremely fast making it hard for them to pay attention to just one thing at a time. Children with ADHD act as if driven by a motor" and they need to learn to put on the brakes! This is where psychotherapy can really help your child.

ADHD & Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy means talking through your emotions and/or problems and learning the skills you need to cope.  Different types of psychotherapy are used for ADHD,  such as behavioral therapy.  Behavioral therapy aims to help a child change his or her behavior.  It might involve practical assistance, such as help organizing tasks or completing schoolwork, or working through emotionally difficult events.  Behavioral therapy also teaches a child how to monitor his or her own behavior.  Behavioral therapy will also help your children learn to control his/her impulses.   Children will learn to stop and think before acting.  A therapist can also help your children learn social skills, such as how to wait their turn, share toys, ask for help, or respond appropriately to teasing.  Social skills training will help the child get in trouble less!

With better attention skills and impulse control, your child will develop self esteem which will help decrease anxiety and depression that your child may be experiencing as a result of ADHD.

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